Provide cuisine using carefully selected seasonal ingredients and local fresh ingredients in buffet style.


Dinner buffet

Matsunoi Group’s policy on food is “safeness, freshness, deliciousness” using organic ingredients from trusted producers.
Each ingredient is carefully selected to ensure safe and secure food, as well as to guarantee the taste. We strive to impress our guests with delicious meals through serving fresh food produced by stringently selected producers.

【Example dinner menu】
Broiled dishes
・Beef loin, beef tenderloin, pork loin, broiled squid, char siu, sausage, pork loin ham, konnyaku steak, jumbo shiitake mushrooms etc.
Simmered & stewed dishes
・Yellowtail and Japanese radish, stewed pork, chicken wings in curry sauce, hot chili konnyaku, simmered root vegetable and chicken etc.
Grilled dishes
・Yellowtail grilled with teriyaki sauce, salmon grilled with miso sauce, taro grilled with miso sauce, whelks etc.
・Beef sabu-shabu, pork sabu-shabu, spinach, leeks, enoki mushrooms, Japanese
Steamed dishes
・Potatoes, carrots, cabbage, corn, white fish, steamed salmon and yam, savory egg custard
・Smoked salmon, uncured ham salad, seafood salad, raw seafood salad etc.
・Tuna, yellowtail, salmon etc.
・Soba, udon, spaghetti etc.
・Prawn, fish, maitake mushrooms, lotus roots etc.
・Pork soup, egg drop soup etc.
・2 kinds of puddings, 3 kinds of cakes etc.
Bread & Pizza
【Example drink menu】
Draft beer, shochu (ko/otsu), Japanese sake (local sake), wine (red/white), whiskey, a range of soft drinks
Dinner buffet Dinner buffet
The menus are only examples.
Because we prioritize procuring good ingredients, the menu may change according to the season and availability.
Dinner buffet Dinner buffet Dinner buffet
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Breakfast buffet

We use an abundance of fresh local ingredients to offer a wide variety on the breakfast menu because we want every one of our guests, be they ladies, men, children, or older guests, to be satisfied.

【Example breakfast menu】
Sausage, bacon, scrambled egg, egg roll, soft-boiled egg, potato salad, macaroni salad, pumpkin salad, burdock salad, simmered hijiki seaweed, simmered chopped burdock, dried and simmered Japanese radish, simmered deep-fried tofu, soy pulp with wild vegetables, deep-fried and simmered eggplant, broiled salmon, broiled salted mackerel, broiled cod roe, squid sashimi, chopped tuna, pork loin ham, pastrami, salted fermented squid, simmered beans, sankai pickles, stem lettuce, pickled plum, kelp simmered in soy sauce, pickles, kamaboko, sasakama, fried potato, yakisoba, stir-fried cabbage, stir-fried rice, simmered root vegetables and chicken, hot chili konnyaku, toasted laver, fermented soybeans, shumai, steamed vegetables, curled lettuce, lollo rosso lettuce, red onion, sliced onion, chicory, Romanesco broccoli, mini tomato, cabbage, yam soup, miso soup, assortment of breads, congee, soba, udon, boiled tofu, beef tofu
Breakfast buffet
Breakfast buffet Breakfast buffet Breakfast buffet


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